Friday, August 28

So tired (lazy) lately. Since last week I've just had the hardest time motivating myself and getting going. I'd so rather lie in bed and not really sleep, just rest.

A few weeks ago I was 5-6 days a week walking and or working out. This last three weeks it's all I can do to get 3 maybe 4 workouts in. My weight is still *slowly* dropping; I'm down 25 pounds to date which is all good. I worked out Tuesday morning and my muscles are still pretty stiff from that. I did a 40 minute walk TO the gym, a 15 minute weight circuit (chest arms legs) and then 40 minutes walking back home. My chest is the most sore. I did that butterfly thing and it bloody well hurts!

Mentally I guess I have a few things weighing on my mind. Our lawyer is working on completing some issues related to the duplex subdivision. Meanwhile I'm waiting to hear from the previous owner about The Leaky Basement. After all it is his responsibility to pay for the basement repairs on the tenant's side of the duplex after LYING outright on the property disclosure. And the usual financial behind the eightball stuff. Year of the Ox and all that...

Little over 5 more weeks to vacation- just a little over a week off but somehow I need it already !! Just going to do some little projects around the house- tidy things up, maybe replace some light fixtures. Some teeny tiny (affordable) updates. And sell some things on Kijiji that are sitting here in boxes, doing nothing. I *could* go home but I'd rather do that at Xmas. I have I think 12 days off around then to spend there, and it'll be "warm" compared to Wpg (unless we get a mild winter which would RULE)

All good things in time, she sighs. Patience, temperance, balance (she yawns) Slow and steady (*snore*) Easy Does It (*eyes roll back in her head*) Seriously! I'll have to look in the Continuing Education courses and see if anyone teaches these things ROFL!!!!! I'll throw tomatoes from the back row.


On a rather GREAT note I just got us tickets to see RUSSELL PETERS on Sun Oct 11 which will be GREAT. I'd have loved to go to Rumor's Comedy Club for a cheaper laugh but evidently they are closed for renovations. I can't believe the only comedy spot in Winnipeg is closed for 2 frickin months; what do people DO here for fun?! Seriously!! (And how is it there is a Winnipeg Comedy Festival but only ONE comedy club?)

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