Sunday, June 7

Starting to inch towards WARM.
Just INCH, though. Tonight low is 9 degrees.
I took pictures of my plants that I'm discovering in my yard as I try to figure out who they are !! (Okay what they are, but they all have personality so I say WHO...) For instance I have what I think is a SNOWBALL tree, and possibly lily of the valley (which if it is I'm stunned to learn is tolerant to minus 40 temperatures and a zone 2 perennial...). And quite likely this lovely flowering crab apple tree dripping with purple flowers... mmm. That will make some damn good jelly if that's what that is !!!
I was just spreading my learned gardner karma (from Aleesha of course) with someone at work. You know how it goes- plant FRUIT trees and FLOWERING plants along a neighbouring fence so your relationship with that neighbour will also flourish and be fruitful. Never plant prickly plants on a neighbouring fence line again because you would not want a prickly relationship with them. It's just bad vibes, man!! Anyways we had a lovely conversation about how that makes so much sense and I'm so glad I'm able to forward her teachings.
Happy Full Moon all; here's to the energy of this Sagittarian moon. Here's to all of us seeing the big picture and believing in the greater good for everyone. Passing on some good mojo; over and out !

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~n~ said...

i'd never considered gardening karma before, but it makes a lot of sense. Your yard looks really nice. I think crab apples are quite common out there, and they're beautiful flowering.