Saturday, June 13

So this Swine flu is going to get around to everyone they figure, so why panic (right?!) Manitoba now has 119 cases, BC has 151 cases , Quebec with 706 cases, Saskatchewan with 270 cases and Alberta 240. What's the recommended way to deal with this thing anyway? Is it better to expose yourself to it so you build an immunity, or should we get a flu shot or what?

I don't often get the flu. I never get flu shots. I more often than not take vitamins and sanitize my hands. Last winter was the first time in about 2-3 years that I've gotten SICK sick. It was a viral infection that was sweeping the workplace. Knocked me down for about a week, but nausea- puking? I only had for like, a day. The rest of it the time was consumed by REALLY really light headedness, no balance at all - falling over against the hallway wall, weak stomach, no appetite, headaches, yada yada.

I remember when I was a kid reading a book called Behind The Attic Wall. It was about a young girl, set in the early part of last century, who had lost some of her family to the Spanish Influenza of 1918. When she came down with it they had put mustard and onion packs on her chest to draw out the infection. Apparently these packs (and certain foods) have some pretty admirable remedial qualities if you are ill. Course any of you raw foodies already know this =)

Good luck to all of us with this crazy bug; nothin like Toxic problems...!!

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