Monday, April 6

Ha! Prophetic words from Abraham Hicks this morning in my inbox.

Make the best of it. When you make the best of whatever you're focused upon, your future will be better than your now. If each moment you're making the best of what-is, no matter what it is, you make the best of it; make the best of it; make the best of it—your future just gets better and better and better, and better.

I love it when pearls of wisdom are emailed randomly. It's so... it's so just my way of learning =P You know, randomly.

I had an incredibly weird dream last night as I always do. Something about owning a house with a fantastic ocean view on a rolling but snowy hillside. Suddenly the water was really high, just about level with one of the hillsides. I thought wow this property is precariously situated and prone to flooding. Then I noticed a weasel hole on the top of that hillside and I thought holy, that weasel will drown if that water pours into his hole! I poked him awake and he ran out of the hole, scampering across the hillside. He was thin and sickly and needed nourishment. (This is where it gets really weird) Uphill was a dog with her teeny newborn puppies; the weasel went to her to be fed. Weird eh?! Very weird. Like why am I saving weasels; the flooding or threat of flooding I get... and no, I did not have cheese before bed.

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