Wednesday, December 17

Too bad there is no anti virus for people. I could certainly use one. Since Sunday-Monday I started to get a terrible, constant headache, dizziness, nausea and terrible, painful sinus pain. By Monday afternoon I tapped out and headed home to bed. Tuesday I went to the walk in clinic and confirmed my suspicions with the doctor. Three to four days bed rest and fluids; you can try over the counter meds but rest and fluids are the RX. I'd already been overdosing on Advil with no effect but have continued my efforts regardless in the hopes that it somehow helps. Moderately better today, finally, with less dizziness but I still feel low energy, sweaty and have absolutely no appetite. Holy, I have never loved apple juice so much though!

Weird dreams also... This morning's was extremely vivid and even more so FREAKY. Ever have those dreams sometime when you're between awake and asleep, and you feel like you can HEAR what's going on around you but you're powerless to wake up and react to whatever that is? I felt that lack of control IN my dream this morning. The only part I remember is the end. I was in a room with a patterned carpet, much like a hotel. I remember noticing a doorway in the room that the doors were open on, and it opened to another room. As soon as I recognized that the doors were open and another room existed a very weird thing happened. The walls very smoothly moved apart, expanding the width of the room. As this happened, the doorway that I was looking at likewise expanded to another door, and another door, and another door, until there was a very, very long hallway ahead of me. It was a crystal clear picture to me at that moment, like I was PHYSICALLY THERE. But I felt like I was not alone, and someone else was in control of this creation and I panicked. Everything slowed down like I was in The Shining in the hotel hallway. I opened my mouth to yell "PROTECTION!" but my mouth couldn't make the words and I emitted only an odd, slow motion sounding moan. As soon as my eyes fluttered open I said out loud, "Protection!" Thankfully I was alone and there was no awkward explanation required of my outburst =)

Speaking of crazy dreams, weird thoughts in the kitchen from voices in my head when I carve cheese, check out this blog. I'm so glad that I'm not alone in my apparent, spiritualness... um... okay, JOURNEY, let's go with that word LOL!! Luckily I'm surrounded by other like minded people, like Aleesha who taught me tarot and reiki, Kelly, and Kate to name a few. I know so many fantastic people! *gush*

Vacation starts for me in one week. I have from Dec 25-Jan 8 off which is groovy. I head back to Balmy BC to see the family and take a reprieve from this brutality they call winter here on the prairies. (I know, suck it up, I hear all you seasoned thick skinned Winterpeggers say. You guys can have your 4 months of good weather; I'll take a year of moderate temperatures and rain over this shit any day!!!) My vacation time also gives me time to get back into my condo, put Life Back in Order and prepare for the New Year which can only get better =)

Time to get some more rest and break out into something crazy, like switching from apple to OJ. I know, call me Dangerous =D

Good night all!

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