Saturday, December 27

With this new cycle taking hold in your life now, taking charge and being in control become more important issues for you. You want to get things organized, and you have the initiative to do it. This is a time of ambition and responsibility, a time to keep your cool and pace yourself. Working hard is smart, but working smart is better.

Good time to write out those new Year's Resolutions on this New Moon Day today. I started mine last night, and not the typical BS that never happens like "I will lose weight this year because the last time I wasn't really serious" or something =P LOL!!! No, these ones are daily, small, but with long lasting, long term implications. I still have some refining to do with them and will report them on New Year's Day (hopefully).

Xmas was great ! I am using part of my spa gift certificate in a few hours here for a haircut and touch up; maybe get my nails done. John got an electric guitar and lessons which is exciting. Being a music geek myself from way back (I had Grade 8 Royal Conservatory piano, years of clarinet and a few years of vocal lessons) I thoroughly encourage creative expression. Actually truth be told that's one on my list of resolutions, to express myself creatively more in the future. I have the ability and yet don't make the time or effort. In his own right John is very creative and crafty, and encourages me all the time to "do art". I think when you cut off part of yourself and your talent you stifle your Self which may be something I need to explore as opposed to being so viciously ambitious in real estate and materialistic pursuits. I actually watched "Relocation Relocation" last night (admittedly an HGTV junkie, except I don't watch Holmes on Holmes because I just don't dig that show. I dunno, I just find him ... excessive I guess. He doesn't just fix the problem he UBER RENOVATES in a way that normal people couldn't POSSIBLY do themselves. What's the point?! Are we supposed to be impressed with what CAN be done or something?! Snore. Yawn. Whatever, Mikey. Nice work, I guess...)
Anyways, back to my story... there was an artist on there buying his first investment property. Initially he was hesitant to do so and anxious about the level of debt he was taking on but was motivated to TRY because he could see that DOING THIS would afford him his ultimate passion which was his art. Well, hello, as if I wasn't MEANT to watch THIS episode eh?! LOL.. Anyways in this episode they show his original investment purchase AND the footage from visiting him 4 years later. By this time has several properties, is selling 45 canvases a year, has a successful jewellery and marketing business and is self sufficient between his investment properties and his artistic endeavors. Amen to that pathway. I see you and I'd love to follow you there, brother!!!!

So think long and hard about YOUR plans for the new year. Let those resultions be thoughts that serve you best, and encourage who you are.

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Debbi said...

this post rocked in so many ways.

Thanks for the New Moon advice. I always lve when you post that type of stuff, as I'm totally intrigued by HOW the stars/moons affect people. It puts a bigger perspective on everything.

I'm SOOO with you on the music/art thing. But I think you knew that. Years of piano, vocal lessons, french horn and drums... and then the art/drawing/painting/sculpting part-- yah huge fan. And of course there's the dramatic parts. Started acting at age 5. And the writing parts. So I TOTALLY agree whe you said "I think when you cut off part of yourself and your talent you stifle your Self". Perfect way to put it!

I don't like Holmes either!!! WOW. Someone else who finds his episodes excessive and somewhat pompous! You wrote JUST what I feel about his 'fixes'.

You go girl- get that real estate going and I can't wait for the '4 years later' episode here on your blog, too! ;)