Thursday, December 25

Merry Ho Ho to everyone this Christmas morning!

I think Christmas morning has always traditionally been family time, right? It was the only day of the year that I recall my parents (dad especially) making a ginormous brunch, having caesars with breakfast and generally having an enjoyable morning together, eating good food and just relishing the togetherness..

That's what we did this morning; late breakfast, nice strong coffee, yada yada. John was nice enough to go out in the 30 below and go buy me cream for my coffee this morning which is extremely nice of him. To add injury to insult he slipped in the parking lot on the ice and fell hard on his back, poor guy =( What a hero he is, braving cold and injury to get me my goods!

Opened our presents last night and Santa was SO good to me; very thoughful. I got a generous spa gift certificate so I can go relax and unwind, regroup and polish myself up, which is soooo appreciated. I reciprocated with some clothes, stocking stuffers and a diabolical plan to attack the shopping malls tomorrow to take advantage of the sales. God knows I have NO idea what he needs for his computer so I'd rather we shop together and get it RIGHT! We'll see what we can find...

Most of all just enjoying a relaxing, low key, first-day-of-vacation-day-off and wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas and Holiday Season =) So surround yourself with your loved ones and enjoy; that is the Spirit of Today!!!

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