Sunday, October 26

What a great time I had tarot reading last night at a friend's social gathering! I believe there were probably 300 plus guests and I had a steady line up of interested people from 8pm until 1130pm without fail. All readings were by donation to the wedding couple (that the social was being held for) by suggested donation of $10. The time went by SO fast that when someone came to relieve me around 11pm I thought only an hour (if that!) had passed! Suddenly someone told me it was 1145pm and I was completely shocked! By quarter after one in the morning after what I decided was my last reading, I finally pulled down my displays of various curtains and sheets that constituted by Gypsy Caravan Tent. Right while I was pulling it down I had ANOTHER person approach me for a reading which I declined due to the time. Besides at 1am the people coming for readings at a social are not necessarily in the best (or most sober) mind frame to read for!! Can't complain about one person I interacted with, though. Every single one was listening carefully, receptive to what the cards had to say and then referring other people to me afterwards!! Who knew!!

Tomorrow is Day One in my new position. Friday afternoon I was relocated to another department where I HOPE I will do well (insert nervous laughter here). I really do appreciate what shuffling around management does for the company. I think where we have all "landed" with regards to our new positions works well for all of us and definitely gives us the opportunity to learn something completely different; something outside of our box. I'm finding as I go along I'm liking big changes more and more. Last year when I first heard the words Front End Manager I literally froze. Omg, run the largest department in the warehouse and the front lines of the operation with virtually 80% new hires during OPENING DAY with the CEO of the company watching?! Dude, I saw my life flash before my eyes. Then last Friday I get the opportunity to change over to Administration which comes with huge responsibilities for the financial well being of the warehouse and I'm thinking okay, let's do it. Why not!

In the menial world of chores and daily routine today is organization day at home. Grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, cleaning, snore and yawn. Hence taking a moment to post to give myself some brief reprieve from all this excitement. While I wait 40 minutes for the laundry to dry let's play a game I found from Isn't This Kind of Personal?! Let's call it 35 Things About Me.

I am: pretty outgoing
I think: constantly!!
I know: every day is a Gift and tomorrow is another day, Scarlett!
I want: you to try this too!
I dislike: when people hand you coin back sitting on top of bills. Super big pet peeve, I know it's minor but omg why do people do that?
I fear: heights if I'm on the edge of something like a building or a cliff or there's a sheer drop. If the threat of me falling to a really tragic end is REAL then it happens to SCARE ME!!!
I feel: pretty relaxed. Life is good.
I hear: the train going by.
I smell: laundry detergent on my fingers LOL!
I crave: sourdough toast. I love it.
I cry: at stupid, girlie movies and even cartoons LOL!!!
I usually: make lists.
I search: for my purse or key or shoes which I CONSTANTLY hide on myself which REALLY aggravates me! I piss me off a lot...
I wonder: where the next 5 years will take me.
I regret: things I say and do all the time. In fact my brain has this unfortunate need to remind me of things that I said and did even YEARS ago that have no importance or relevance in my life today. WHY it does this I don't know. It really isn't useful reflection!!
I love: to dream, to contemplate, to problem solve, and help other people do the same things. I love fresh clean sheets, hot towels, a nice dinner either in or out, a comfortable inviting place to call home. I love BC, I love trees and mountains, the smell of the ocean. I love the rain, I love a hot summer day, I love the first snowfall, I love checking out the fall leaves on the ground this time of year. I love good humor, laughter and sharing personal stories. I love animals and little kids who tell you how life is from their perspective. I love so many things I could blog all day about it!
I care: a lot... whoaaa whoa whooooaaaaaa
I always: go hot or cold. I'm 100% or zero, not much in between !!!
I am not: good at hiding how I feel. Pretty well you can see it in my face. I suck at the poker face!
I remember: when I was in my 20s I just wanted to be older and more established. Now I want to be in my 20s and know what I know now..!
I believe: anything is possible.
I dance: like an idiot but I have fun =)
I sing: alright; way outta practice. I'd LOVE singing lessons ...
I don't always: listen very well. And I have a TERRIBLE memory. I always say never tell me things. Email me or write them down but for the love of gawd don't trust me to remember anything you say. You may as well be Charlie Brown's teacher. I don't respond to sound, just sight!!!!!
I argue: Argue?! I don't argue. I INSIST. There's a difference. Arguing insinuates that the other person gets the opportunity to speak their side. I merely insist. :P
I write: daily. Whether blogging, making lists, journalling... I write daily.
I win: word games. How nerdy is that :P
I lose: omg any suduko games. I totally don't get those. They're as confusing as Magic Eye which I have NEVER been able to get.
I wish: I could turn off the negative switch inside my head that imagines horrific things, or reflect on anything that was hurtful or bad from the past. At least I'm not the only one that does this though. Good thing that I found that out!!
I listen: to my little voices (muhawhawhawhaw!!)
I don't understand: why more people don't donate blood (?) Not to sound self righteous but are that many people afraid of needles or something?? Or why people don't donate more in general- or realize that giving back when you get a lot is necessary for Karma?! I fully believe in giving.
I'm scared: of horror movies. Won't watch them. Don't get people who derive pleasure from them. They freak me out,; I feel like I'm witnessing something that I shouldn't. What pleasure do people get from watching people freak out and die in horrible ways? On the flip of this I really LOVED Six Feet Under so what does that say about me?!
I need: to write things out to "get them"... again with the visual personality. And because I need to read and re-read things to absorb them. You don't get that opportunity with speech unless you go around recording people.
I forget: things all the time. ALL THE TIME! Since birth!
I am happy: with where things are and where they're going.


WinnipegBlogger! said...

Thank you for commenting your ideas and opinions!
Thanks as well for listing me on you list of fellow Winnipeg Blogger!
Nice Reading BTW.

I have listed you on my Blog Roll!
-Chad Ringström
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~n~ said...

Glad you had an awesome time with the tarot readings! Good for you!! Sounds like a lot of fun and wow, you must've been a popular attraction there. LOL

Aleesha said...

Wow you go girl!!! Congrats on the readings and on your new job. I'm so proud to call you my friend! (((hugs)))