Monday, September 22

This post is ABOUT blogging. Everyone blogs for different purposes. There are personal blogs like Diaryland and blogs about community purposes; blogs about finances and investments. There are blogs about spirituality and personal growth. There are blogs like mine that are random like my brain. There certainly are all sorts of blogs out there. One thing I have always wondered about is the blogging for dollars aspect and being paid to blog. I checked out Pay Per Post which I found on Give Me My Five Dollars Back. I thought, hey what an interesting concept.

Pay Per Post is more of a marketing agreement. They offer you topics to blog about on various products and services and you are paid to post about that subject IF your blog meets the requirements (some restrictions include not being on blogger, for instance). Pay Per Post is also Linked to Social Spark which essentially does the same but has more opportunities. Other bloggers rate the opportunities so you can see which ones were most liked by other writers. It's all an interesting concept if you have a blog that has a commercial focus. Being from a marketing background I kind of LIKE the idea but don't want to introduce that here, necessarily. Besides I have enough on my plate right now !! Like getting my condo repaired so I don't have to blog from the end of my bed with my computer propped on top of my dresser in my bedroom. Yeah... let's concentrate on that first LOL !!!

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