Sunday, September 28

Super book. I just received it Thursday and have been reading it daily ever since. Spiritual Business is a really great read filled with self-evaluating exercises devised to give the reader an interactive, thought provoking Spiritual journey. All while you're contemplating your personal dreams and ambitions. It sort of ties everything together; connects the dots, if you will. I dig it, albeit that I'm only in Chapter 2 and on page 57.

In other news, there is no news. Still waiting to hear anything about my condo. Anything. I'm about 5 seconds away from calling a lawyer and 3 seconds away from phoning the local building supply place to have drywall delivered so we can start the work ourselves. Which likely I will do this week. It's already frost season and I can't leave my things out on the porch any longer. This week I'll have to bring everything inside, store it... somewhere... somehow, and we'll find a new way of living. We'll find a way of forgiving... Somewhere... (sorry, I can't help but break into song sometimes... LOL!!) Too much "time to spare" apparently =P

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Debbi said...

haha, I love that you break out into song-- then I'm not the only one singing to myself on this end of the screen! lol

Okay, SERIOUSLY--- GET YOUR HOUSE BACK ALREADY!!!! Grrrr. I'd be kicking some serious butt to get it done!