Saturday, September 13

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So last night I had this dream. I was at a restaurant- sort of an outdoor patio, and I was apparently managing it (how unlike real life)... Anyways some of my staff (who really are my staff from work) were working away in the kitchen, cooking up a storm for opening night and the place was completely packed. I went out to see how people were doing in the dining room- were they comfortable, having a good time, eager to try the food? Yada yada yada. And they were. The conversations were relaxed and well humored, talking about what people enjoyed and what things in their lives they enjoyed. Suddenly one of my staff comes out with the first plate from the kitchen and serves me this huge platter of filet mignon with mushrooms, potatoes and gravy. It looked absolutely fabulous and smelled even better. I should have been pleased and praised the dish, been thankful for it but I was totally startled and reacted with dismay. "What are you doing?! I'm not hungry! Feed some of these people!!" She was taken aback and thought she was doing right serving me first, scuttling off with the dish. Anyways when I woke up I lay there thinking about it. Am I ungrateful!? Do I not get the gifts I am being given? Do I not appreciate people in my life perhaps or the gifts they bring me? Do I have a full plate?! Worse- am I a jerk manager?!? LOL... !!! SHIT!! No, seriously, I try to make it fun at work. I think what theme spoke to me the most was just being reactive. Lately I've been dealing with trying to get my condo repairs STARTED which have NOT NOT NOT being going well and it is making me extremely worked up and emotionally charged. I WANT MY KITCHEN WORKING!!! LMAO !!!!! HA! I love the way my brain works in the dream state LOL... Yes, I have NO kitchen right now; just a stove and a fridge plugged in but otherwise no counter tops, no cabinets, no way to make a decent meal. Meanwhile I wait for the insurance agency and condo strata council to pay me the appropriate amount for the damages so that I can repair everything. Right now it appears that they are not willing to pay an amount that is anywhere near the amount required to fix everything. With the full moon only days away I will have to cool my heels and ATTEMPT to have a level head dealing with this emotionally charged situation. I have the hardest time with these ram horns sometimes....

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Debbi said...

I'm gonna say it's that you're more concerned (albeit subconsiously) about pleasing those around you or keeping up appearances and making others around you happy than you are about your own needs and the praise people are looking for from YOU!

Or... maybe you just need your dang kitchen done so you can stop thinking about gourmet kitchens! lol