Sunday, June 1

Good thing I read my horoscope before I started blogging !!! I was totally going to rant about the shitty shopping hours on Sundays here, yada yada yada. I went out this morning to pick up some bread and coffee for breakfast and was getting all in a snit because, of course, it is Sunday and nothing opens until NOON. But I got home, ate, had a cuppajava and read this Weekly Heads Up Horoscope ...

(All Signs) In some Eastern traditions, the New Moon on Tuesday is especially fortuitous. (An opportunity not to be missed!) This is a chance for each of us to make meaningful improvements in our lives -- improvements in different areas according to our sign, our chart, and this particular New Moon. Read below to find out where you can see how to clean up your act or at least push things in the direction of better. Hey -- better is better; but the confounding thing about better is that there's no end to better! Oh well, better to wear out than to rust out. (That's the best I can do with better.) Perhaps you can best it.

(Aries) This is a special week. It's your chance to observe how you communicate on a daily basis. How can you improve your communicating style? By nature, Aries is swift, direct and sometimes curt compared to the style of others. At times it could be off-putting. (I have Aries in my chart so I love the direct, to-the-point style of Aries communications; but not so everyone else!) In particular, observe your style relating to siblings, neighbours and relatives. What's your take on listening patiently and understanding where others are coming from? Hmm? You want the first and last word on things. But is this always in your best interests?

(Gemini- my rising sign)
Suspicious events are taking place in your sign! The Sun and Venus are in Gemini. Retrograde Mercury is in Gemini. And this very special New Moon on Tuesday is in Gemini. It's all about both of you! The two main areas you can improve are your appearance and image, and your closest partnerships and friendships. Take a look in the mirror. (You never get a second chance to make a first impression.) Do you like what you see? What can you do to feel better about how you look? What can you do to improve your closest relationships? Come up with at least one thing between the two of you.

Okay, duly noted. Although in my own defense I DO more often than not understand and appreciate where other people are coming from (so my chart says). But on the flip side, I do display the Angry Monkey at times and or have the need for last words on everything, especially when I'm agitated or can't find a grocery store to buy a *%^$& loaf of bread, bacon and eggs on Sunday mornings...!! But hey, shitty Sunday shopping hours doesn't make it BAD here, just DIFFERENT. It is, after all, SUNNY every day here. And the summer is beautiful. And I enjoy the annual road construction; I really do ! So I will focus on what is GOOD here as opposed to what is DIFFERENT.

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