Sunday, April 6

One of my favorite blogs to read is Spiritual Business . I love how she constantly is aware of the lunar cycles, astrology, how it relates to our own world and inner workings, our dreams, thoughts and aspirations. I love people who are connected, or that aspire to be... Today she writes about the New Moon (which is in Aries today)... new starts, fresh beginning, ready to go, eyes open...

And from Light In Motion

At the Aries New Moon we are invited to birth something new and exciting. Out with the old, in with something that gets our energy moving and expands the edges of our current experience. Aries delivers the impetus to strike out on our own and pioneer new ideas into action with courage and enthusiasm that we may not realize we have until we’ve taken those first steps. In following our instincts to do those things that call to us we come into alignment with the energy and circumstances necessary to step into something new or extraordinary. The reward for stepping up and out is a renewed sense of strength and the experience of having stretched to become more than we previously knew we could be. Whatever we do with our time and energy over the next couple of weeks will give shape and substance to our experience as the year progresses and we see the fruits of the seeds we plant today in the coming months.

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