Sunday, April 6

It's been a while since I last posted, so let's just dive right back in. What's up with this Man Having Baby media attention? I don't think this is the first time a transgendered person has done this, and it is extremely misleading to represent this individual as a man when she maintains female gentalia. Yes, she had her breasts removed and underwent testosterone treatment and resembles a man. I guess this brings up a whole myriad of questions related to What Is Gender? Personally I believe it is what is between your legs. Yes, I will give you that what is in your HEAD has LOTS to do with how you PERCEIVE yourself with relation to your own gender. However, the physiological truth of the matter is ...what bits have you got ?!?! I sincerely hope I don't light too many fires with this.... but to get on Oprah for this? I dunno. Is this attention warranted?? I would have suggested going on Maury as opposed to Oprah...

This is a few years old but a hilarious spin on the same topic... There was an instance of a
Man not having baby, where he apparently didn't know what a gynecologist WAS and in order to get out of work took his wife's doctor's note in to HIS workplace to excuse HIM from sick time...! Luckily someone at work realized he didn't have a vagina and asked him what he went to the gynecologist for.... !!!!!

Speaking of being in a state of shock, CONGRATULATIONS to State of Shock for their Juno Award nominations! The band started back in 1999, changing members back in 2002, gaining popularity and recognition around 2004 when they were promoted heavily in the Vancouver area... Congrats Alison, Kowalenko must be proud !!!

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Aleesha said...

I so agree with you. The "carrier of the baby" has a uterus so what's the big deal? Millions of uterus' carry babies every year!!! - Aleesha