Saturday, November 4


Patrick Deuel, aka the Half Ton Man has lost an astonishing 700 pounds, down from 1072 pounds. Once housebound in the mid 1990s, Pat is now a much lighter 370 pounds today!
What amazing work, Pat, someone needs to give this guy a medal. Maybe he should go on the Biggest Loser and motivate people there. I like that show, don't you ?! I think the reason I like to watch Biggest Loser ( which I watch pretty irregularly, notta big tv watcher ) is that I enjoy seeing people succeed. And the "contestants" succeed at something very personal in a very public way. Being part of that reality show is either very honest (weird) and brave, or completely insane !! I can't imagine there are people ( okay, overweight people) WANTING to show themselves off, on television, to millions of viewers, in their spandex, weighed in every week for everyone to see, unless they were REALLY motivated to lose that weight. No THANK YOU, that's just public embarassment !!!! Perhaps they do it because they need support ?! Regardless, the show should encourage everyone to focus on their health. All said and done, that's what our primary focus in life should be.


The lottery is 24 million bucks tonight, wow ! And I believe last night the Super 7 was 10 or 12 million or something? Ever wonder what the odds of winning are ?? The 649 has odds of 1 in almost 14 million. The same as "flipping 24 heads in succession when flipping a coin". BUT, if you played the 649 twice a week for the next thousand yrs your chance of winning the jackpot improves to 1% !!! Odds of winning the Super 7 ? Much better (not) at 63 million to one !

Good luck everyone !

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