Wednesday, September 20

PET PEEVES and general annoyances....please add yours !!!

  • Grocery carts with one bad wheel or steer constantly to one direction.
  • Standing in the way of folks wishing to use an escalator, moving sidewalk or doorway. Actually, standing in the way in general. Especially in grocery stores with their grocery carts and eight rude children.
  • Getting handed change back from a cashier with coins on TOP of the bills. OMG, I HATE THAT !!!!!! Hand me the damn change FIRST ,THEN the bills !!!!! For the love of GOD !!!!!
  • Coin rolls wrapped in PLASTIC. Damn, I hate those.You can't smash and break them open like paper coin wrappers.
  • Utility service reps or cable people that don't show up on the day appointed, even with an 8 hr window.
  • Bathroom stalls that have doors and sides that are REALLY high and make you feel like everyone can see you and your business.
  • People who use cell phones while on the toilet.
  • People who can't manage to bus their own tables at fast food places or in food courts. Don't be a slob. You only teach your kids to be slobs by example, oy...
  • Being unable to find what you're looking for right when you need it really badly.
  • People at the gym who change the TV channel without asking others.
  • Shorts that get eaten by hungry crotch. You know what I mean... Especially on people with fat thighs, that then get exposed by lack of clothing coverage. Can you not feel a draft ?!!!!
  • Tank tops worn by people with "wings" ( meaning very, very fat arms that swing when they are raised). Yikes... And for that matter, muscle tops ( aka "wife beaters") are for people WITH MUSCLES, fyi...
  • Car security systems that signal their armed status by loud honking, giving everyone nearby a heart attack.
  • People who SET their car alarm when on a three hour BC Ferry trip. WHY WHY WHY ???!!!!! WHO will take your car, and WHERE?!?!? If you are concerned about something IN your vehicle, then STAY in your vehicle and guard it, you prick...
  • Braille signs at drive through windows - are these not clearly redundant ??!!!!
  • Adults who consistently mis-spell "your" and "you're", or "were" and "where". By the time you graduate, you should know the difference.
  • Taking forever to leave a parking space or gas station stall while others are clearly waiting for it.
  • People who are CLEARLY not handicapped, yet insist on parking in the stalls and yell "I'll only be a minute" when someone calls them on it....
  • Drivers that insist on staying in the fast lane, for no apparent reason.
  • People who drive with their blinkers on.
  • Startling radio ads featuring horns, sirens or people yelling "Look out!"
  • Drivers who merge onto the freeway at 30kmh, or better yet, STOP at the end of the on-ramp. These people are apparently unable to turn their heads to see traffic, and stare intently into their side mirrors to see what traffic is coming.
  • Elderly people who feel entitled to be rude, or parents that completely ignore the fact that their 1 yr old has been squealing bloody murder for an hour while shopping.
  • People who stand in a line-up, have all that time to decide what to it is that they need from the merchant, yet when they get to the cashier or teller, they're suddenly stunned to be there, don't know what it is they need or want and better yet, don't have their PAYMENT ready or any funds on them. How cute.
  • Campers who leave garbage behind at campsites. Leave it how it was.
  • Express lines with the oldest, slowest and most mentally retarded cashier on staff.
  • People who discard cigarettes out of their car window. Especially in summer, when it's tinder-dry outside and the risk of grass-fire or forest fire is very high. Use your goddamn ashtray, you ignorant cancer-causing bastitches...
  • Being put on speakerphone. Hate it.
  • People talking on their cell phones while at the check out. Rudeness...
  • People who apparently cannot flush toilets, and particularly women that do not wipe seats after quite obviously hovering over top and spraying pee everywhere. Yikes.
  • Automated phone systems that don't allow you to hit "zero" and get a REAL person.
  • Receiving fundraising calls on behalf of police, firefighters or other public servants.
  • People who don't say goodbye before hanging up the phone. Weird and impolite.
  • People who say "uh-huh" instead of "you're welcome". Weird and impolite.
  • Men who refer to their wives as "the wife", like she's a thing ( like THE dog, THE mailman, THE newspaper). Do we say "the husband"?


hoover said...

K, just work chit to start with, beens as I am so anal:
Is is that hard to keep the green receipts all facing the right way and even?
Pick up your shit you leave laying around on the counters.
RTV bottom shelf, go backs on higher shelves.
Empty the garbage at the end of the day.
Answer the f'n phones!

holymotherofgod said...

You are anal, Hoov... lol

I forgot to add :

SPANDEX - it has a weight limit

Going to the pub, getting a tall. cold glass of FLAT BEER

Hoover said...

Me thoughts on that are:
Spandex is a privelage, not a right!

JohnH985 said...

I hate it when I order a hamburger or a breakfast sandwich at a fast food place and the person making the sandwich can't even get the bun and meat together, you know when the bun is half way off the meat and you can't move it cause the bun tears up. How hard is it to put a bun and meat together?

Just one of my little pet peeves.

Edtime Stories said...

great list.. standing still at the end of jetways can also be added to the list.

Aleesha said...

sitting here laughing my ass off... i miss you... when are you going to start writing for my mag? we need another aunty nasty girlfriend!!!!!